Google Barrel! Just go to Google.com and type "Do a barrel roll", see what happens.

Its pretty amazing thing google did, wonder why they even did this. And it makes me wonder more what else google can do and is hidden from all us.

Other amazing things google does-
  • tilt 
  • askew 
  • ascii art ( the logo changes) 
Search for -  " answer to life, the universe, and everything " , you will get an amazing answer.

Search for "recursion" and you get->
"did you mean "recursion""... and click on the new link . I think you get it now.

Seach for "Where is Chuck Norris" and click on the first result. Its hillarious. And for who actually don't know Chuck Norris is Rajnikant of hollywood.

Also try these and hit the first result or "I am feeling lucky" button on search
  • "Google Goth"
  • "Google Gravity"
  • "Google Klingon"
  • "Google Pirate"
  • "Who's the Cutest?"
  • "Ewmew fudd"
  • "Google Piglatin"

There are whole bunch of webmasters who do not use their android smartphone up to its capacity. Generally people use it for posting comments on social networking sites, photos, videos, or to write some tweets. Android is so powerful that if we use it up to the capacity than we can complete most of the daily tasks without any hassle. So, here are the ten best Android apps for webmasters which can help in increasing productivity & creativity. Most of these apps are absolutely free to use, so have fun time blogging with android.

This free app is very useful if you want to start writing the posts quickly. It is very simple to set up and you simply require the blog URL, username and password. The app is useful if you want to do some general important things quickly. It is correct that you would not be able to use all the features of WordPress here but if you are able to write and edit the posts, checking all the comments, and examining analytical data than the option is not bad.

You can blog on the go with this official free blogger android app. Publish or update posts remotely at your convenience.

This app is very handy for webmasters. If they use this app along with WordPress app then they can get beneficial results. It allows checking the stats on the newest posts which can be advantageous. There are a number of GA apps available in the marketplace. One of the examples is ‘GAnalyticz’. The app is free and you can collect almost all the information which you require except blue graph. There are paid apps for it to get the information.

‘DroidSense’ is the app which can give you all the latest information related to Adsense. It has a free version and a paid version. Free version gives the information for last three days and the paid version of $0.99 which is a complete version gives all the latest information.

You can stay connected with the remote server through this app with the protocol. It is SFTP, FTP, SCP, and FTPS user for Android gadgets. You can upload and download through resume support. DSA private key validation support is available along with different languages support. It is a free app.

Adobe Photoshop Express
It is an excellent tool if you want to manage the photos effectively so that you can use it whenever you require. You can adjust the color and apply the affects. Furthermore you can pick and rotate the image according to the necessity. The app is available for free.

Magic Color Picker
You can get a number of color options with this app. You will see that these colors are available in HEX and decimal. The selection of good color combination is required to give an excellent look so you can use this app to get the desired results. It is a free app.

Dolphin Browser
You may have a default web browser on your Android device. However you also know that this browser is not a good option. It does not mean that you cannot complete the task with it. However it is not good in comparison to other available options. The substitute of this default web browser is Dolphin Browser. This option is especially very good for those people who generally use tabbed web browser. You might feel that it is working like Firefox while using it. Navigation is trouble-free here.

This app has two versions. The first version is free while the second is a paid version. Your phone works like a USB tether with this app. It is an excellent option in case you are in a place where you may not find Wi-Fi. Simply connect the phone with laptop and you can enjoy 3G speed while surfing the web. Paid version has more benefits. You can access http protocols easily with it.

View Web Source
Web designers generally require the source code for the web page. Isn’t it? So do not check for anything and use this app to know the exact details. This app is very valuable as you can get the information of source code of whichever web page in a text editor. The analysis of the code is easy. You can change it according to the necessity and prepare notes. Furthermore you can send it through email so that you can check it later on when you need.

Webrank SEO
This app has been developed by ProbCOMB and it is an excellent example to check your site’s SEO stats. It is quick and simple tool for competitive website analysis.

While browsing I just landed on an amazing site , ganeshane.com. This site lets its users listen to latest bollywood songs for free and too for free at no charge at all.

Ganeshane has a huge database of the latest songs and great oldies as well. The interface is nicely designed and lets users browse the site while listening to songs.

The best thing we like about the site is that it has exclusive applications on all three leading smart phones - iPhone, Android and blackberry. So you can create playlists online and then listen them on your phone.

The android and iPhone application for ganeshane are paid. Do tell us if you like the app.

The service has a great potential as they deliver the latest songs and have well managed mobile applications which could definitely cover a huge consumer market.

What are the vedas and what id the origin of vedas ? | What Why How & more... http://ping.fm/CkJeK

Linux gives it users the power no other operaring system could, now Slax takes it to the next level by giving you more power to build up your linux from the very basic.

Slax is a linux which is built by the user. Additional software can be added and removed, using Slackware packages and Slax modules. A traditional package manager such as Debian's APT is not required to load additional software.

Slax modules are completely self-contained. Users can also modify the default CD image or USB drive installation to customize the packages available in the distribution on boot. Slax also allows Slackware packages to be converted to Slax modules with the tgz2lzm command.

Like if you want to build a Slax linux which is used for wireless hacking you can make one includig all hacking tools like - Aircrack, Airsnort, madiwifi, wireshart, Kismet etc. Go here to know more.

This makes the whole size of the OS  very small as only those modules are included that the user actually wants. The best part os the linux is that you can always add more to it.

A basic Slax linux image is just 200 mb. There are many already customised version available amde by various communities.

You can also go online and add modules to your selection and when done download the OS image. Isnt that just great. So go and create a linux that suits your needs coz 200MB isnt much for an amazing linux.

Download slax here- http://www.slax.org/

Storing the whole OS in a USB pendrive is very easy and saves us from creating and managing cd images. And we can carry our Linux OS with us in a USB pendrive very easily.

So if you want to boot from a USB pendrive from virtualbox or VMware on a windows machine, you can do that by the following tutorial.

1. Download and Install VirtualBox (Install to the default path).

2. Click Start > Run Type diskmgmt.msc and click Ok (In Vista/Win7 use the Start > Search Box)
(1) Locate your USB Disk #

3. Open a command prompt
cmd.exe (run as admin in Vista/Win7)

4. Type cd %programfiles%\sun\virtualbox

5. Type the following (replace # with your USB Disk number from step 2)
VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename "%USERPROFILE%"\.VirtualBox\usb.vmdk -rawdisk \\.\PhysicalDrive# -register

6. Start VirtualBox (run as admin in Vista/Win7) and create a New Virtual Machine Create a New Virtual Machine

7. When prompted for a Virtual Hard Disk, tick use existing hard disk and select usb.vmdk Select Existing Virtual Disk usb.vmdk

8. Once you have finished creating your New Virtual Machine, click StartStart VirtualBox

If all goes well, VirtualBox should now be running the Linux version installed on your USB device emulated from within Windows.

Cloud is the most talked about term in the tech world nowadays, so the opensource guys have released a new cloud-based Linux operating system called as JoliCloud.

It was pretty fun using the OS and it looked quite familiar to Google's Chrome OS. Jolicloud has chrome as default browser and had a lot of cloud based features.

To use Joli you need to have an account or you can even use you facebook and other accounts to login. The inerface was neat and didn't had much applications.

The first screen when you boot from the jolicloud LiveCd.
The start screen looks like this, you can directly boot from the liveCD without having to install anything.

The Login screen, you can also connect using your facebook account.
The login to JoliCloud screen when you use "Connect using facebook option".

The liat of applications already installed in the LiveCd it has Chrome browser, Google Docs but a media player is missing . You can download VLC from the appstore.

The above screen shows the AppStore for JoliCloud. As the Operating System is just launched so it has very few applications for download but we hope the Joli team would add them pretty soon or would implement some opensouce application store to be used by the Jolicloud.

The filemanager of JoliCloud, you can aslo use Box.net and other services to store your documents on the Internet.

The progile on a JoliCloud, the pics and bio were pulled from my facebook account.
The shutdown screen.

Cloud-computing has been hyped a lot but I personally don't like the concept of a cloud-based OS as if there's some problem with the internet i won't be able to access my own system even though if i just want to listen to some music or something else as all my data would be store on cloud and to access that i would need internet.
 I am in favor of cloud services such as cloud gaming and other services, but lets see what cloud computing becomes. The real fate of cloub based OS would be determined when Google's deeloped Chrom Operating System is released next year.

Links- JoliCloud.com

We have always used text to search for content even though when we needed to search an image. we at shankee just wanted to find if their is any way to find if we can do the exact opposite and surprisingly we landed on TinEye that lets users seach using an image.

TinEye is an awesome site that lets you search for a specific image. The homepage asks you to either upload an image or provide the link for the image.

56 million new images have been added to TinEye, bringing thier image database count up to

What can you use the application for?
Tineye is a search engine like no other, rather than searching for words it is an image search engine. Although the concept is nothing new and Google has offered image search for a long time, this one works completely differently. It’s a unique image search engine that searches for images rather than their descriptions. It’s simple to use, you can upload or link to an image on the internet and then search and this will then scour the internet to find the same image. It works very well and will even locate images that have been rotated, altered or cropped. It will even pick up images which have been heavily edited which is a very impressive feat. Tineye is a unique search engine that isn’t just useful but it’s also great fun to play around with.
What is the history and popularity of the application?
TinEye was produced by Idée and launched in May 2008. Idée are also well known for making Idée PixID, and Piximilar both of which are similar ideas to tineye. Most image search engines work by searching for keywords or metadata, this is the first search engine released that searches using image recognition technology.
What are the differences to other applications?
This application is unique because instead of searching for keywords and Meta description information it works by comparing the images using sophisticated image recognition software. This is revolutionary and very impressive.
How does the application look and feel to use?
The application looks very similar to most search engines, however instead of typing in search terms you can either enter a URL of an image or upload one. This doesn’t take long to do; the maximum image size for an upload is 1MB. Once you have either pasted in the URL or uploaded the image then clicking the search button will almost instantly load your results, it’s amazing how quick it really is.
How does the registration process work?
You can use tineye without registering and it can be used exactly like any other search engine, just for images. However if you want to register then it’s free and offers a number of benefits. You will be allowed to try out new and exciting features before everyone else, you will be able to bookmark your search results, you can save searches in your history, and you can also sign up to the newsletter. To register you need to visit the registration page and fill out the form. You will then be sent an email that you need to confirm by clicking on the link.
What does it cost to use the application?
TinEye is currently free to use, adverts appear on the homepage. Bearing in mind the site is still in beta it’s very likely that they will start charging or implement more advertising in the near future. This would be a useful tool to find out if people are using your images without permission, and people would probably pay for it. There is currently a link for advertisers wanting to advertise on the site.
Who would you recommend the application to?
Tineye is a revolutionary search engine that can be used to find images on the internet, rather than searching for descriptions or keywords this compares images using sophisticated technology. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to find out where an image originally comes from, or to make sure that nobody copies images without your permission.
  • Search for images similar to the one you upload
  • Revolutionary image recognition software
  • Quick search results
  • Finds images that have been cropped edited or rotated.
 Link- Tineye.com