Argentinean architects Gustavo Dieguez and Lucas Gilardi of Estudio Eco-friendly house made from recycled materialsa77 have turned an old 1950s made house into a beautiful dream house in Buinos Aires just by using scrap material they found around. At first when i saw the house i thought it to be a mansion made from putting in huge sums of money but eventually it turned into a eco-friendly house made from stuff from the junk.

The house is constructed from recycled and reclaimed materials, Using approximately 50 meters of recycled highway guard rails from the General Paz (a highway surrounding Buenos Aires) and 300 meters of discarded metal profiles, wood, iron doors and windows found in scrap yards, Dieguez and Gilardi rework demolition materials into fully functioning structural elements.

Situated around a swimming pool on the upper level, the metal structure, made from found parts, is mounted on the existing house foundation, forming a bridge that works to support the pool on the second floor of the house. Painted orange, a common color used to protect steel, the old metal retains its history while reinventing itself through its new and varied use.

While the upper level is centered around the swimming pool, the lower level, comprised of a large loft and adjacent bedrooms, is carefully positioned around a central courtyard, open from above, which provides natural light and ventilation throughout the house.

The architects have actually used a lot of open spaces and a lot of green color and ambiance to give a feel or very close to nature house.

Eco-friendly house made from recycled materials
Eco-friendly house made from recycled materials
Eco-friendly house made from recycled materials
Eco-friendly house made from recycled materials
Eco-friendly house made from recycled materials

Thanks to Inhabitat.com

Nokia has been developing technologies that use the energy from Phone that charge by themselvesradio waves used for TV, mobile and radio transmission for generating electricity to produce sufficient amount of energy to make the mobile use no power from the battery when in standby mode and can remain in standby indefinitely without using any electric power at all.

The difference with Nokia's prototype is that instead of harvesting tiny amounts of power (a few microwatts) from dedicated transmitters, Nokia claims it is able to scavenge relatively large amounts of power — around a thousand times as much — from signals coming from miles away. Individually the energy available in each of these signals is miniscule. But by harvesting radiowaves across a wide range of frequencies it all adds up, said RouvalaNokia mobile that harness power from tadio waves

A new prototype charging system from the company is able to power itself on nothing more than ambient radiowaves – the weak TV, radio and mobile phone signals that permanently surround us. The power harvested is small but it is almost enough to power a mobile in standby mode indefinitely without ever needing to plug it into the mains, according to Markku Rouvala, one of the researchers who developed the device at the Nokia Research Centre in Cambridge, UK.

They have successfully produced around 5 milliwatt of electricity and have aimed to achieve 20 milliwatt in the future. They said if they are able to produce 50 milliwatt of electricity using this technology they can use this power to slowly charge the battery.

This research has been showing good sign of results but it still will take years for you find this technology in the mobile in your pocket.

Source- http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/jun/10/nokia-mobile-phone

As reported soon laptops would come without a charger, preventing you charger less laptopfrom carrying a large brick like charger everywhere with you. But you would still have to charge your laptop. The new technology also reduces the total power consumption by the charger when its not in use.

The worst thing about any electronic gadget is that it need to be charged again and again. And with laptops this gets worsened with the large eternal charger that is easy to forget, gets easily wore out as it lies almost every time on the ground. I have actually stepped, kicked and done a lot of things with my charger. But now due a recent research by Fujitsu the charger is soon going to become extinct.

As reported
, they are going to integrate the charger in the laptop itself and all you need to carry is an extension cord. Which would be standardized to be easily available and used. Its quite a simple idea and i just don't know why is hasn't been yet incorporated. May be because manufacturers want to reduce the size of a laptop and adding the charger internally would only increase its size and weight.

Fujitsu came with a revolutionary technology to reduce the size of the charger and also reduce the energy consumption by the charger. As a charger continuously uses electric supply when its connected to the line and actually not charging anything.

While traditional transistors are normally made from silicon, Fujitsu's key technology research team succeeded in developing a transistor using gallium nitride, a material commonly used in blue LEDs. With gallium nitride's resistance to high-voltage current being 10 times as high as silicon's, transistors made from gallium nitride are more robust. At the same time, such transistors can reduce the electricity loss to below one-third of the level of silicon transistors, while a shorter inter-electrode distance enables a downsizing of the transistor.

The company will start bulk production of the transistor from 2011 and would roll out the new charger-less laptops within the next 5 years.

Micheal Jackson left the world with all of us to live with his music Michael Jackson forever. The legend Michael Jackson has been idol for millions , the pop singer whose body has no bones and something that makes him unique in the universe. So we pay a tribute to the "king of pop" after he passed away on June 25,2009.

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American recording artist, entertainer, philanthropist and businessman. The seventh child of the Jackson family, he made his debut onto the professional music scene at the age of 11 as a member of The Jackson 5 in 1969, then began a solo career in 1971 while still a member of the group. Referred to as the "King of Pop"[2] in subsequent years, his 1982 album Thriller remains the world's best-selling record of all time[3] and four of his other solo studio albums are among the world's best-selling records: Off the Wall (1979), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991) and HIStory (1995).

In the early 1980s, he became a dominant figure in popular music and the first African American entertainer to amass a strong crossover following on MTV. The popularity of his music videos airing on MTV, such as "Beat It", "Billie Jean" and "Thriller"—widely credited with transforming the music video from a promotional tool into an art form—helped bring the relatively new channel to fame. Videos such as "Black or White" and "Scream" made Jackson an enduring staple on MTV in the 1990s. With stage performances and music videos, Jackson popularized a number of physically complicated dance techniques, such as the robot and the moonwalk. His distinctive musical sound and vocal style influenced many hip hop, pop and contemporary R&B artists.

Jackson donated and raised millions of dollars for beneficial causes through his foundations, charity singles, and support of 39 charities. Other aspects of his personal life, including his often changing appearances and eccentric behavior, generated significant controversy which damaged his public image. Though he was accused of child sexual abuse in 1993, the criminal investigation was closed due to lack of evidence and Jackson was not charged. The singer had experienced health concerns since the early 1990s and conflicting reports regarding the state of his finances since the late 1990s. Jackson married twice and fathered three children, all of which caused further controversy. In 2005, Jackson was tried and acquitted of further sexual abuse allegations and several other charges.Michael Jackson

Latest- It is rumored that Michael's Body will be plastinated by Gunther von Hagens of the controversial Body Worlds exhibition. From the Daily Mail: ...

Von Hagens said that he spoke with representatives of the Jackson family 'many months ago' and it was agreed that his body will be plastinated and placed next to Bubbles, his late pet monkey who was plastinated a number of years ago and is exhibited at The Body Worlds & Mirror Of Time exhibition at the O2 Centre in London.

Von Hagens also confirmed it was one of Michael's final requests to be reunited with Bubbles.

'There is no better place than to do this at the venue where Jackson was due to perform his world record 50-date tour,' said a spokesman for Von Hagens.

He added: 'Von Hagens has hinted that a moonwalk pose would naturally be favoured. 'It is hoped the exhibit will be unveiled towards the end of July.'

One of the few artists to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, his other achievements include multiple Guinness World Records—including one for "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time"—13 Grammy Awards, 13 number one singles in his solo career, and the sale of 750 million albums worldwide. Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, apparently after suffering a cardiac arrest. Jackson had intended to return to live performance. At the time of his death he was in the middle of preparations for This Is It, a series of fifty concerts that would have been held in London.Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009)

Was an American Pop Icon known as the king of pop. He was born into the Jackson family as the 7th child of Joseph Jackson. When Michael Jackson was very young, 11 years old, he and 4 of his siblings began a band with their father Joseph Jackson as the manager. The band was called "the Jackson 5" and the group attained much commercial success. It was not until 1971 that Michael Jackson left the Jackson 5 and began his solo career. He went on to become one of the most famous recording artists of all time and
Michael Jackson eventually became the "king of pop" a title he bestowed upon himself. His solo albums hold many titles for their astounding number of sales. 5 of his albums hold records for number of sales.

His career really began to take off in the early 1980's. and he was one of the first and most popular black artists to gain a prominent following on MTV. This was due in large part to the huge budget and extravagant budgets of his music videos for his songs. Songs with record holding videos include: Beat it - Billie Jean - and Thriller. Some of these videos are so influential that they are credited with changing music videos from a recording of the song into mini movie works of art. This led further to Michael Jackson's popularization of amazing and complicated dance choreographing and musical numbers. This dancing featured prominently in his live shows. His record breaking live shows earned him enormous amounts of money.

Some of the dances moves popularized at these live shows include the robot and the moonwalk. Michael Jackson's musical influence stretched across many musical genre's including hip-hop, pop and R&B in part because of his eccentric and distinct style of vocals and music.
Michael Jackson

One thing that many do not know about Jackson is that he raised and donated MILLIONS of
dollars to over 39 charities for a multitude of causes through his namesake foundation. This is often overlooked due to his appearance and increasingly bizarre and changing appearance. Not to mention a string of child molestation accusations..

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta
After much criticism for not properly looking over the issue of virus, trojan, malicious software and much more. Microsoft has finally acted by releasing a Beta version of its anti-virus software called Microsoft Security Essentials Beta. We at Shankee put a look on it, on whether it is worth downloading or not.

Windows has been target victim of more viruses, malicious software, hacks than any of its competitors including apple or linux. It may be the fact as more people use Windows OS than any other Operating System. But still Microsoft has not done very much in enhancing security measures for windows.

The Widows Defender they gave out with Vista did nothing much and was more of useless in securing the system, actually on Windows 7 site i found that they were actually promoting antivirus makers who made anti-virus exclusively for Windows 7 these included Norton, AVG and Kaspersky, later on more were added.

Microsoft Security Essentials Beta

I had always been very cautious of viruses and other malicious software and due to my preventive measures i have made my computer virus free for over 2 consecutive years now, een when i am plugged to the internet for over 8 hours a day.

Security Essentials is easy to install and easy to use. Updates and upgrades are automatic, so there's no need to worry about having the latest protection. It's easy to tell if you're protected – when the Security Essentials icon is green, your status is good. It's as simple as that.

The security Essentials did really well on virus and malware tests. And we think Microsoft will be heavily testing this for sure, and any loop holes will get huge publicity.Microsoft Security Essentials Beta

The Software instantly warned when you would be downloading a malicious software and would immediately stop the download in between.

The Windows Security Essentials is really good and soon would give a tough competition to its competitors. So please comment would you actually download the antivirus from Microsoft.

Links- https://connect.microsoft.com/securityessentials/Downloads

I just came through the official site of the Indian Government and i must http://india.gov.in, the National Portal of Indiaadmit i never thought that the site would be so neatly made and would actuallu be updated that frequently, because i have government sites and i know how they are managed. But this one proved me wrong.

The site has been made very neatly and i can say that they have put great designers to design the site as it looks very good. For website designers like me neat means when each box, each piece of text is easy to read, access and has got its own area of importance. And i can see that with the india.gov site for sure.

This is what they say about Indiahttp://india.gov.in, the National Portal of India

"The ancient land of India portrays a landscape of vibrant cultural heritage and spiritual mysticism. This particular section takes you to a journey through the fascinating lanes of the country, which reflect its numerous national traits."

The india.gov site has something for everyone, its divided into different sections. The main three sections were Government, Citizens and Overseas.
I also saw the most advertised Incredible India site as well, but that wasn't able to impress me much. It was not properly designed. The animation was OK not very good.

Alexa ranks india.gov at 15,008 whcih is really very good, the US site was at 12,126 and india site needs only back-links to beat that site for sure.

And even when i saw the official site of US i found it too could not beat the Indian site.

I request all Indian to include a small back-link on your site that leads to the Indian goverments site, it only needs more back-links.

Please copy the below code and put them anywhere on your webpage or blog-

Code for different banners-

Banner 3 of india.gov.in

<a href="http://www.india.gov.in/" alt="http://india.gov.in, the National Portal of India"><img src="http://india.gov.in/images/banner/linktousbanner/banner3.gif" alt="Banner 3 of india.gov.in" width="128" height="34" /></a>

Banner 4 of india.gov.in

<a href="http://www.india.gov.in/" alt="http://india.gov.in, the National Portal of India"></a><img src="http://india.gov.in/images/banner/linktousbanner/banner4.gif" alt="Banner 4 of india.gov.in" width="116" height="31" />

Banner 5 of india.gov.in

<a href="http://www.india.gov.in/" alt="http://india.gov.in, the National Portal of India"><img src="http://india.gov.in/images/banner/linktousbanner/banner5.jpg" alt="Banner 5 of india.gov.in" border="0" width="380" height="66" /></a>

Link- http://india.gov.in

Indoor GPRS
The GPS has revolutionized the way we travel and explore the world, going to unknown places as if we bwlong there only. But the biggest hindrance in its development is its non-functionality in covered places, inside a building even under a shade. But finally an indoor positioning system, similar to GPS, is being tested by visitors to the Kamppi shopping centre in Helsinki, Finland.

In this system, developed by Nokia, a cellphone can use nearby Wi-Fi transmitters instead of satellites. It triangulates their signals to calculate its position, which it then displays on a map.

The software is not out for private homes, and is meant for use for public places as they have to make maps that will be availed by the building owner or the shopkeeper.

To access this you need to get a software from them that will load a map of the indoor place you are at and when the GPS signal is not avaialble it may use the nearest mobile antennae or signals from the mobile of shopkeeper. Still they have not revealed how the map will be loaded.

The tests were successful and the researchers have given indication of a possible product in the future. See the video from Nokia site-


Now you can contribute in helping researchers Docking@home logofrom the University of Delaware, The Scripps Research Institute, and the University of California - Berkeley by giving them some idle time on your computer. This was all part of a revolutionary docking technology known as Dynamically Adaptive Protein-Ligand Docking System (DAPLDS) and is supported by the National Science Foundation.

You must know that making drugs require complex calculations and simulation of complex molecular structures to reveal possible outcomes required to reveal possible candidates to be turned into effective drugs. The combinations of molecules and their binding orientations are infinite in number. Simulating as many combinations as possible requires a tremendous amount of computing power. In order to reduce costs, researchers have decided that an effective means of generating this computing power is to distribute the tasks across a large number of computers.

So for this they need tremendous computing power only availavble through super-computers, but they usually have to wait very long to get some time to use the supercomputer and also they come at a very high price which would eventually make the research budget to reach high.BOINC docking software

So the scientists came with a revolutionary idea, of combining thousands of computer across the world and make them act as a supercomputer. You can help them volunteer just by downloading a docking software that will run only in idle time, when you are actually not doing anything on your computer. They automatically assign some docking tasks to be solved by your docking application and then it automatically sends the result to the organization for further research.

The goals of the project are:

1. to explore the multi-scale nature of algorithmic adaptations in protein-ligand docking
2. to develop cyber infrastructures based on computational methods and models that efficiently accommodate these adaptations.

Start Docking! Joining Docking@Home is extremely easy - it takes just 3 steps, which we will walk you through.

  1. Download the software (BOINC) BOINC logo
  2. Join the Docking@Home Project
  3. Set Your Preferences

Go to Docking@home , the installing of software is really easy and i recommend all to use it.

Note- The software may utilize your bandwidth that may be charged by your Internet Provider, so first check if you could accomodate using this software. I strongly recommen all unlimited bandwidth users to go and install this software to help the research.

Please help the research and share this with others

Link- http://docking.cis.udel.edu/

The biggest movie this summer ,Kambakht Ishq set to Kambakt Ishqrelease this july starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor as the lead pair. The movie is directed by Sabbir Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. It also features guest appearances by leading Hollywood stars including Silvester Stallone, Denise Richards, Brandon Routh. So here is a look at the Shankee's movie of the week.


“Women are only good for two things…making love and making love” – Vijay Shergill, stuntman.

“All men are dogs” – Simrita Rai, supermodel.

So what happens when Vijay (Akshay Kumar) and Simrita (Kareena Kapoor) cross paths??

The stage is set for the battle of the sexes and some acidic foreplay.Kambakt Ishq Denise and akshay

Stark opposites and fiery, the two despite their best efforts, are thrown together. The story zooms in on their squabbles, scathing exchanges and how despite all odds they end up together.

Some action. Some glamour. Some love. And a whole lot of cat fights. That’s Kambakkth Ishq for you.


The movie is set in Hollywood where Viraj Shergill (Akshay Kumar) is a swashbuckling stuntman in Hollywood who believes that women are only good for two things: "making love" & "making love". Simrita Rai (Kareena Kapoor) is a firebrand who is more than able to stare down the most arrogant male with her caustic wit and sardonic tongue. She firmly believes that there is no such thing as love.

So what happens when the two people who hate each other the most meet at Simrita's best friend Kamini's (Amrita Arora) and Viraj's brother Lucky's (Aftab Shivdasani) wedding? The result is a wedding that both Viraj and Simrita are violently opposed to and desperate to stop. Sparks fly, accidents occur, and both are thrown together in the most absurd, hilarious situation until one dramatic twist of fate binds the two together in a manner that they could have never ever even dreamed of in their wildest fantasies.

It is rumored that Kareena Kapoor tried a whopping sixty pair of shoes for her much-awaited film, Kambakkht Ishq, according to reports.

Cast -

Sylvester Stallone

Arnold Schwarzenegger ... (unconfirmed)

Denise Richards

Brandon Routh

Carmen Electra ... (unconfirmed)

Akshay Kumar ... Viraj Shergill

Kareena Kapoor ... Simrita Rai

Diane Sellers ... Judge

Amrita Arora ... Kamini

Aftab Shivdasani ... Lucky Shergill
Silvester Stallone with Kareena Kapoor in Kambakht ishq
Raeann Giles ... Model

Bayli Johnston ... Flower Girl

Ashwin Mushran ... Parmeet

Kiron Kher (as Kirron Kher)

Mikandrew Perdaris ... Matt

Sheridan Crist ... Deacon

Tony Alameda ... Fedora Gangster

Soundtrack (source wikipedia)

Kambakkht Ishq
Kambakkht Ishq cover
Soundtrack by Anu Malik
June 12, 2009 (India)
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Eros Music
Producer Sajid Nadiadwala
Anu Malik chronology
Chal Chala Chal
Kambakkht Ishq
Song Singer(s) Duration Notes
Om Mangalam RDB (Rhythm Dhol Bass) & Nindy Kaur 4:22 Picturised on Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, RDB & Nindy Kaur
(Composed and lyrics by RDB)
Lakh Lakh Neeraj Shridhar 5:15 Picturised on Akshay Kumar & Kareena Kapoor
Bebo Alisha Chinai 4:19 Picturised on Kareena Kapoor & Akshay Kumar
Kambakkht Ishq Krishna Kumar Kunnath & Sunidhi Chauhan 4:51 Picturised on Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Aftab Shivdasani & Amrita Arora
Kyun Shaan & Shreya Ghoshal 5:29
Om Mangalam - Reprised RDB (Rhythm Dhol Bass) & Nindy Kaur 4:35 Composed and lyrics by RDB
Lakh Lakh (Electro Dhol House Remix) Eric Pillai 4:02
Bebo (Club Mix) Kilogram K & G 3:38
Kambakkht Ishq (Remix) Kilogram K & G 4:00
Kyun (Female) Shreya Ghoshal 4:30
Welcome To Hollywood Krash Kale & Anushka Manchanda 2:11 Composed by guest composer Salim-Sulaiman
(Lyrics by Sabbir Khan)

The songs have gotten ratings from 3-4/5, and 3 of the tracks are already hits.

More pics from the movie (click to enlarge)
Denise Richards
Kambakt Ishq

Kambakt Ishq

Kambakt Ishq

Kambakt Ishq

Now you can carry your whole computer system with you on portable computerjust a simple USB hard drive. I too was very much amazed when i came to know of this. Mojopac just lets you do this and makes your whole system fit into just a small pendrive, including all your favorite software, files and applications and makes you feel as if you are on your own PC.

Mojopac is simple and easy to use, just download it and install on the portable pen-drive. Then make an account and install all your favorite applications on it. You can install office 2007 on it, or carry the favorite game on mojopac, or carry you Instant messenger such as Gtalk or Yahoo Messenger or any windows application you want.Mojopac portable USB system

When you want to run it just put the pendrive in and run mojopac. Enter the username and password and you will have your installed mojopac applications in front of you. Mojopac doesn't cause any change to the system that is being used in or any change on your mojopac will not be shown on the PC. Mojopac rus on any PC with XP and minimun 256MB RAM and gets installed on any USB with just 32MB but need additional space for other software to get install.

I loved the software as it is simple, easy, very useful and free to use.

If you find some similar products do write to us at shashank@shankee.com.

Before you take on the Internet there are certain precautions that you must follow to prevent yourself from getting conned. I suggested a list of 10 things you can follow up.

So here is a list you must follow:

1. Check Windows Update and Office Update regularly (_http://office.microsoft.com/productupdates); have your Office CD ready. Windows Me, 2000, and XP users can configure automatic updates. Click on the Automatic Updates tab in the System control panel and choose the appropriate options.

2. Install a personal firewall. Both SyGate (_www.sygate.com) and ZoneAlarm (_www.zonelabs.com) offer free versions.

3. Install a free spyware blocker. Our Editors' Choice ("Spyware," April 22) was SpyBot Search & Destroy (_http://security.kolla.de). SpyBot is also paranoid and ruthless in hunting out tracking cookies.

4. Block pop-up spam messages in Windows NT, 2000, or XP by disabling the Windows Messenger service (this is unrelated to the instant messaging program). Open Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services and you'll see Messenger. Right-click and go to Properties. Set Start-up Type to Disabled and press the Stop button. Bye-bye, spam pop-ups! Any good firewall will also stop them.

5. Use strong passwords and change them periodically. Passwords should have at least seven characters; use letters and numbers and have at least one symbol. A decent example would be f8izKro@l. This will make it much harder for anyone to gain access to your accounts.

6. If you're using Outlook or Outlook Express, use the current version or one with the Outlook Security Update installed. The update and current versions patch numerous vulnerabilities.

7. Buy antivirus software and keep it up to date. If you're not willing to pay, try Grisoft AVG Free Edition (Grisoft Inc., w*w.grisoft.com). And doublecheck your AV with the free, online-only scanners available at w*w.pandasoftware.com/activescan and _http://housecall.trendmicro.com.

8. If you have a wireless network, turn on the security features: Use MAC filtering, turn off SSID broadcast, and even use WEP with the biggest key you can get. For more, check out our wireless section or see the expanded coverage in Your Unwired World in our next issue.

9. Join a respectable e-mail security list, such as the one found at our own Security Supersite at _http://security.ziffdavis.com, so that you learn about emerging threats quickly and can take proper precautions.

10. Be skeptical of things on the Internet. Don't assume that e-mail "From:" a particular person is actually from that person until you have further reason to believe it's that person. Don't assume that an attachment is what it says it is. Don't give out your password to anyone, even if that person claims to be from "support."

While the discussion pertains to Vista particularly, the same applies to Windows in general too ! For a general user the first three are usually more than sufficient to make your Vista faster. The remaining are some more which a tweak enthusiast may wish to consider. Utilities like WinPatrol or Tune-Up Utilities can help you in most of the cases.

1. Restrict the no. of start-ups. Why have programs starting up when you dont really use them. Even those you use can always be started manually by clicking on the. I personally prefer not to have ANY starups. I click on my Internet Defense Suite manually, before connecting to the Internet. So decide for yourself which one’s you really need as start-ups.

2. Disable services which one may not require. For example, if your pc is a stand-alone one, there may be sevral services which you can disable or switch over to manual mode. Auto-starting and closing down of services takes time & resources. These can be saved. BlackViper’s Vista Service Configurations is an excellent guide to follow.

3. Reducing visual effects (eye candy).
Right-click on “My Computer” > Properties > Advanced > Performance-Settings > Visual Effects > Adjust for best performance > Apply > OK.
To allow the themes and the glass effects, you may have to check on the boxes : enable transperant glass and use visual styles; this way atleast the spirit of Vista will be preserved- else be prepared for a really bland Vista ! Use your discretion. I know disabling all can actually negate the purpose of ‘eye-friendly’ Vista.

4. Ensure that boot defragmentation is enabled, so that files used during start-up are clubbed together.
Start Regedit. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Dfrg\ BootOptimizeFunction . Select Enable from the list on the right.
Right Click on it and select Modify. Change the value to Y to enable and N to disable. Reboot.

5. Disable : “clear page file on shutdown” option. Cleaning the page-file on every shutdown means overwriting the data by zeros, and it takes time.
To clear/not clear page file you can apply this reg tweak. Back up registry before trying this.
Start->run->regedit [enter]
GotoHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\ Session Manager\ Memory Management
Modify (if not present, rt click in open space and create) the Value Data Type/s and Value Name/s :
Data Type: REG_DWORD [Dword Value]
Value Name: ClearPageFileAtShutdown
Setting for Value Data: [0 = Clear Page File Disabled / 1 = Clear Page File Enabled]
Exit Registry and Reboot.

6. Defragment your System Disk & Fine Tune your Registry. If you find the Vista’s in-built defragger slow, you can try SysInternals Power Defragmenter which works on Vista too ! Use the freeware CCleaner to clear up your PC Junk and clean up the Registry. Compacting the Registry occasionally is a good idea too !

According to latest sources India now plans to now reach Mars Space Explorationafter the recent victory over the Moon mission. And have put up indications to use the innovative Solar sail engines and the Ion Propulsion Engine. So we put a light on the latest revolutionary space technologies to unravel the hidden treasures of the Universe.
We have always seen that the first place where the latest technologies are put to practice is the field of space. So learning from NASA missions or getting encouraged from them Indian Space Scientists have given possible hints over the mission to Mars, and that too on a low cost spacecraft that would be propelled by innovative technologies such as Solar Sail engine and Ion
Propulsion Engine.

A space rocket works on the basic principle that it leaves a trail of propellant behind it and the propellant in return push the rocket ahead and pushes the spacecraft ahead, and this process is repeated again and again to make the spacecraft propel forward.

Solar Sail Engine-Solar Sail
While in a Solar Sail Engine the thrust or the push is generated by the photons striking the sail. This is quite small but when collected over a large area provides significant acceleration. And with time this acceleration goes on increasing the velocity of the vehicle to significant levels.

Solar Sail is in phase of testing and research but it has promised good use in the space industry.

So you must be wondering how to navigate using a Solar Sail so changing course can be accomplished in two ways. First, the sail can allow gravity from a nearby mass, such as a star or planet, to alter its direction. Second, the sail can tilt away from the light source. This changes the direction of acceleration because any force applied to a sail's plane pushes at an angle perpendicular to its surface. Smaller auxiliary vanes can be used to gently pull the main sail into its new position.Solar Sail

It has a lot of limitations as the sail has to be made quite large to produce sufficient acceleration and also there should be a constant source of photons but as propel forward the distance between the source and the sail goes on increasing and decreasing the photon efficiency. But i guess the scientist must be doing something for this

Ion Engine-

An ion engine uses this same principle of propellant and thrust, but the great innovation is in how efficiently this happens. TheIon Propulsion Engine gas xenon (which is like helium or neon, but heavier) flows into the ion engine, where it is given an electrical charge. Charged atoms are called ions. As soon as the xenon atoms become xenon ions, they can be pushed around by an electrical voltage. A pair of grids in the ion engine, electrified to almost 1300 volts, accelerates the ions to very high speed and shoots them out of the engine. As the ions race away from the engine, they push back on the spacecraft, propelling it in the opposite direction. [The electricity for this remarkable system can be provided by solar arrays, as on Deep Space 1 and Dawn, or by a nuclear power system, as on Project Prometheus. The principle of operation of the ion engine is the same.]

The xenon ions travel at about 35 kilometers/second (77,000 miles/hour). This is about 10 times faster than the exhaust from conventional rocket engines, so the xenon gives about 10 times as much of a push to the spacecraft as chemical propellants do. That means that it takes only one tenth as much propellant for an ion engine to work as it does for a chemical propulsion system. To accomplish some of the more ambitious and exciting missions in the solar system, we simply cannot build and launch spacecraft large enough to carry the chemical propellants that would be needed for the mission. Ion propulsion is one of the ways to get around this problem.Ion Propulsion Engine

Now the ion engines use only a very small amount of xenon at a time. That means that the thrust is very very low. If you rest a piece of paper on your hand, the paper pushes on your hand about as hard as the ion engine pushes on the spacecraft! It may take 4 days or more just to use up 1 kilogram (about 2 pounds) of xenon. Unlike chemical engines, which can be operated for minutes, or in extreme cases, for an hour or so, ion engines can be operated for years. The effect of the gentle thrust slowly builds up, eventually attaining speeds far beyond the reach of conventional propellants.

Well what i believe that what we would see in the future will be a hybrid prototype that does Space Shuttlenot rely on just one source of energy, like an hybrid electric car that uses electric fuel cell for propagation at some time and when the battery goes down the car car be propelled by fuel engine (petrol or diesel). Also we have been seeing a lot of innovative engines all we could do is wait and watch.

Fatal error: the system has become unstable or is busy," it says. "Enter to return to Windows or press Control-Alt-Delete to restart your computer. If you do this you will lose any unsaved information in all open applications."You have just been struck by the Blue Screen of Death. Anyone who uses Microsoft Windows will be familiar with this. What can you do? More importantly, how can you prevent it happening?

1 Hardware conflict

The number one reason why Windows crashes is hardware conflict. Each hardware device communicates to other devices through an interrupt request channel (IRQ). These are supposed to be unique for each device.

For example, a printer usually connects internally on IRQ 7. The keyboard usually uses IRQ 1 and the floppy disk drive IRQ 6. Each device will try to hog a single IRQ for itself.

If there are a lot of devices, or if they are not installed properly, two of them may end up sharing the same IRQ number. When the user tries to use both devices at the same time, a crash can happen. The way to check if your computer has a hardware conflict is through the following route:

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Device Manager.

Often if a device has a problem a yellow '!' appears next to its description in the Device Manager. Highlight Computer (in the Device Manager) and press Properties to see the IRQ numbers used by your computer. If the IRQ number appears twice, two devices may be using it.

Sometimes a device might share an IRQ with something described as 'IRQ holder for PCI steering'. This can be ignored. The best way to fix this problem is to remove the problem device and reinstall it.

Sometimes you may have to find more recent drivers on the internet to make the device function properly. A good resource is www.driverguide.com. If the device is a soundcard, or a modem, it can often be fixed by moving it to a different slot on the motherboard (be careful about opening your computer, as you may void the warranty).

When working inside a computer you should switch it off, unplug the mains lead and touch an unpainted metal surface to discharge any static electricity.

To be fair to Mcft, the problem with IRQ numbers is not of its making. It is a legacy problem going back to the first PC designs using the IBM 8086 chip. Initially there were only eight IRQs. Today there are 16 IRQs in a PC. It is easy to run out of them. There are plans to increase the number of IRQs in future designs.

2 Bad Ram

Ram (random-access memory) problems might bring on the blue screen of death with a message saying Fatal Exception Error. A fatal error indicates a serious hardware problem. Sometimes it may mean a part is damaged and will need replacing.

But a fatal error caused by Ram might be caused by a mismatch of chips. For example, mixing 70-nanosecond (70ns) Ram with 60ns Ram will usually force the computer to run all the Ram at the slower speed. This will often crash the machine if the Ram is overworked.

One way around this problem is to enter the BIOS settings and increase the wait state of the Ram. This can make it more stable. Another way to troubleshoot a suspected Ram problem is to rearrange the Ram chips on the motherboard, or take some of them out. Then try to repeat the circumstances that caused the crash. When handling Ram try not to touch the gold connections, as they can be easily damaged.

Parity error messages also refer to Ram. Modern Ram chips are either parity (ECC) or non parity (non-ECC). It is best not to mix the two types, as this can be a cause of trouble.

EMM386 error messages refer to memory problems but may not be connected to bad Ram. This may be due to free memory problems often linked to old Dos-based programmes.

3 BIOS settings

Every motherboard is supplied with a range of chipset settings that are decided in the factory. A common way to access these settings is to press the F2 or delete button during the first few seconds of a boot-up.

Once inside the BIOS, great care should be taken. It is a good idea to write down on a piece of paper all the settings that appear on the screen. That way, if you change something and the computer becomes more unstable, you will know what settings to revert to.

A common BIOS error concerns the CAS latency. This refers to the Ram. Older EDO (extended data out) Ram has a CAS latency of 3. Newer SDRam has a CAS latency of 2. Setting the wrong figure can cause the Ram to lock up and freeze the computer's display.

Mcft Windows is better at allocating IRQ numbers than any BIOS. If possible set the IRQ numbers to Auto in the BIOS. This will allow Windows to allocate the IRQ numbers (make sure the BIOS setting for Plug and Play OS is switched to 'yes' to allow Windows to do this.).

4 Hard disk drives

After a few weeks, the information on a hard disk drive starts to become piecemeal or fragmented. It is a good idea to defragment the hard disk every week or so, to prevent the disk from causing a screen freeze. Go to

* Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Disk Defragmenter

This will start the procedure. You will be unable to write data to the hard drive (to save it) while the disk is defragmenting, so it is a good idea to schedule the procedure for a period of inactivity using the Task Scheduler.

The Task Scheduler should be one of the small icons on the bottom right of the Windows opening page (the desktop).

Some lockups and screen freezes caused by hard disk problems can be solved by reducing the read-ahead optimisation. This can be adjusted by going to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-System Icon-Performance-File System-Hard Disk.

Hard disks will slow down and crash if they are too full. Do some housekeeping on your hard drive every few months and free some space on it. Open the Windows folder on the C drive and find the Temporary Internet Files folder. Deleting the contents (not the folder) can free a lot of space.

Empty the Recycle Bin every week to free more space. Hard disk drives should be scanned every week for errors or bad sectors. Go to

* Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-ScanDisk

Otherwise assign the Task Scheduler to perform this operation at night when the computer is not in use.

5 Fatal OE exceptions and VXD errors

Fatal OE exception errors and VXD errors are often caused by video card problems.

These can often be resolved easily by reducing the resolution of the video display. Go to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-Display-Settings

Here you should slide the screen area bar to the left. Take a look at the colour settings on the left of that window. For most desktops, high colour 16-bit depth is adequate.

If the screen freezes or you experience system lockups it might be due to the video card. Make sure it does not have a hardware conflict. Go to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Device Manager

Here, select the + beside Display Adapter. A line of text describing your video card should appear. Select it (make it blue) and press properties. Then select Resources and select each line in the window. Look for a message that says No Conflicts.

If you have video card hardware conflict, you will see it here. Be careful at this point and make a note of everything you do in case you make things worse.

The way to resolve a hardware conflict is to uncheck the Use Automatic Settings box and hit the Change Settings button. You are searching for a setting that will display a No Conflicts message.

Another useful way to resolve video problems is to go to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-System-Performance-Graphics

Here you should move the Hardware Acceleration slider to the left. As ever, the most common cause of problems relating to graphics cards is old or faulty drivers (a driver is a small piece of software used by a computer to communicate with a device).

Look up your video card's manufacturer on the internet and search for the most recent drivers for it.

6 Viruses

Often the first sign of a virus infection is instability. Some viruses erase the boot sector of a hard drive, making it impossible to start. This is why it is a good idea to create a Windows start-up disk. Go to

* Start-Settings-Control Panel-Add/Remove Programs

Here, look for the Start Up Disk tab. Virus protection requires constant vigilance.

A virus scanner requires a list of virus signatures in order to be able to identify viruses. These signatures are stored in a DAT file. DAT files should be updated weekly from the website of your antivirus software manufacturer.

An excellent antivirus programme is McAfee VirusScan by Network Associates ( www.nai.com). Another is Norton AntiVirus 2000, made by Symantec ( www.symantec.com).

7 Printers

The action of sending a document to print creates a bigger file, often called a postscript file.

Printers have only a small amount of memory, called a buffer. This can be easily overloaded. Printing a document also uses a considerable amount of CPU power. This will also slow down the computer's performance.

If the printer is trying to print unusual characters, these might not be recognised, and can crash the computer. Sometimes printers will not recover from a crash because of confusion in the buffer. A good way to clear the buffer is to unplug the printer for ten seconds. Booting up from a powerless state, also called a cold boot, will restore the printer's default settings and you may be able to carry on.

8 Software

A common cause of computer crash is faulty or badly-installed software. Often the problem can be cured by uninstalling the software and then reinstalling it. Use Norton Uninstall or Uninstall Shield to remove an application from your system properly. This will also remove references to the programme in the System Registry and leaves the way clear for a completely fresh copy.

The System Registry can be corrupted by old references to obsolete software that you thought was uninstalled. Use Reg Cleaner by Jouni Vuorio to clean up the System Registry and remove obsolete entries. It works on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE (Second Edition), Windows Millennium Edition (ME), NT4 and Windows 2000.

Read the instructions and use it carefully so you don't do permanent damage to the Registry. If the Registry is damaged you will have to reinstall your operating system. Reg Cleaner can be obtained from www.jv16.org

Often a Windows problem can be resolved by entering Safe Mode. This can be done during start-up. When you see the message "Starting Windows" press F4. This should take you into Safe Mode.

Safe Mode loads a minimum of drivers. It allows you to find and fix problems that prevent Windows from loading properly.

Sometimes installing Windows is difficult because of unsuitable BIOS settings. If you keep getting SUWIN error messages (Windows setup) during the Windows installation, then try entering the BIOS and disabling the CPU internal cache. Try to disable the Level 2 (L2) cache if that doesn't work.

Remember to restore all the BIOS settings back to their former settings following installation.

9 Overheating

Central processing units (CPUs) are usually equipped with fans to keep them cool. If the fan fails or if the CPU gets old it may start to overheat and generate a particular kind of error called a kernel error. This is a common problem in chips that have been overclocked to operate at higher speeds than they are supposed to.

One remedy is to get a bigger better fan and install it on top of the CPU. Specialist cooling fans/heatsinks are available from www.computernerd.com or www.coolit.com

CPU problems can often be fixed by disabling the CPU internal cache in the BIOS. This will make the machine run more slowly, but it should also be more stable.

10 Power supply problems

With all the new construction going on around the country the steady supply of electricity has become disrupted. A power surge or spike can crash a computer as easily as a power cut.

If this has become a nuisance for you then consider buying a uninterrupted power supply (UPS). This will give you a clean power supply when there is electricity, and it will give you a few minutes to perform a controlled shutdown in case of a power cut.

It is a good investment if your data are critical, because a power cut will cause any unsaved data to be lost.

google secrets
Most people just put in a few keywords and wait for the desirable results to be served. But most people don't use is to the fullest. But have you ever thought of what you could actually do with Google. But Google is an remarkably powerful tool that can ease and enhance your Internet exploration. Google's search options go beyond simple keywords, the Web, and even its own programmers. Let's look at some of Google's lesser-known options.

Syntax Search Tricks

Using a special syntax is a way to tell Google that you want to restrict your searches to certain elements or characteristics of Web pages. Google has a fairly complete list of its syntax elements at


Here are some advanced operators that can help narrow down your search results.

Intitle: at the beginning of a query word or phrase (intitle:"Three Blind Mice") restricts your search results to just the titles of Web pages.

Intext: does the opposite of intitle:, searching only the body text, ignoring titles, links, and so forth. Intext: is perfect when what you're searching for might commonly appear in URLs. If you're looking for the term HTML, for example, and you don't want to get results such as


, you can enter intext:html.

Link: lets you see which pages are linking to your Web page or to another page you're interested in. For example, try typing in


Try using site: (which restricts results to top-level domains) with intitle: to find certain types of pages. For example, get scholarly pages about Mark Twain by searching for intitle:"Mark Twain"site:edu. Experiment with mixing various elements; you'll develop several strategies for finding the stuff you want more effectively. The site: command is very helpful as an alternative to the mediocre search engines built into many sites.

Swiss Army Google

Google has a number of services that can help you accomplish tasks you may never have thought to use Google for. For example, the new calculator feature


lets you do both math and a variety of conversions from the search box. For extra fun, try the query "Answer to life the universe and everything."

Let Google help you figure out whether you've got the right spelling—and the right word—for your search. Enter a misspelled word or phrase into the query box (try "thre blund mise") and Google may suggest a proper spelling. This doesn't always succeed; it works best when the word you're searching for can be found in a dictionary. Once you search for a properly spelled word, look at the results page, which repeats your query. (If you're searching for "three blind mice," underneath the search window will appear a statement such as Searched the web for "three blind mice.") You'll discover that you can click on each word in your search phrase and get a definition from a dictionary.

Suppose you want to contact someone and don't have his phone number handy. Google can help you with that, too. Just enter a name, city, and state. (The city is optional, but you must enter a state.) If a phone number matches the listing, you'll see it at the top of the search results along with a map link to the address. If you'd rather restrict your results, use rphonebook: for residential listings or bphonebook: for business listings. If you'd rather use a search form for business phone listings, try Yellow Search


Extended Googling

Google offers several services that give you a head start in focusing your search. Google Groups


indexes literally millions of messages from decades of discussion on Usenet. Google even helps you with your shopping via two tools: Froogle

which indexes products from online stores, and Google Catalogs

which features products from more 6,000 paper catalogs in a searchable index. And this only scratches the surface. You can get a complete list of Google's tools and services at


You're probably used to using Google in your browser. But have you ever thought of using Google outside your browser?

Google Alert


monitors your search terms and e-mails you information about new additions to Google's Web index. (Google Alert is not affiliated with Google; it uses Google's Web services API to perform its searches.) If you're more interested in news stories than general Web content, check out the beta version of Google News Alerts


This service (which is affiliated with Google) will monitor up to 50 news queries per e-mail address and send you information about news stories that match your query. (Hint: Use the intitle: and source: syntax elements with Google News to limit the number of alerts you get.)

Google on the telephone? Yup. This service is brought to you by the folks at Google Labs


a place for experimental Google ideas and features (which may come and go, so what's there at this writing might not be there when you decide to check it out). With Google Voice Search


you dial the Voice Search phone number, speak your keywords, and then click on the indicated link. Every time you say a new search term, the results page will refresh with your new query (you must have JavaScript enabled for this to work). Remember, this service is still in an experimental phase, so don't expect 100 percent success.

In 2002, Google released the Google API (application programming interface), a way for programmers to access Google's search engine results without violating the Google Terms of Service. A lot of people have created useful (and occasionally not-so-useful but interesting) applications not available from Google itself, such as Google Alert. For many applications, you'll need an API key, which is available free from

. See the figures for two more examples, and visit


for more.

Thanks to its many different search properties, Google goes far beyond a regular search engine. Give the tricks in this article a try. You'll be amazed at how many different ways Google can improve your Internet searching.

Online Extra: More Google Tips

Here are a few more clever ways to tweak your Google searches.

Search Within a Timeframe

Daterange: (start date–end date). You can restrict your searches to pages that were indexed within a certain time period. Daterange: searches by when Google indexed a page, not when the page itself was created. This operator can help you ensure that results will have fresh content (by using recent dates), or you can use it to avoid a topic's current-news blizzard and concentrate only on older results. Daterange: is actually more useful if you go elsewhere to take advantage of it, because daterange: requires Julian dates, not standard Gregorian dates. You can find converters on the Web (such as


excl.gif No Active Links, Read the Rules - Edit by Ninja excl.gif

), but an easier way is to do a Google daterange: search by filling in a form at

www.researchbuzz.com/toolbox/goofresh.shtml or www.faganfinder.com/engines/google.shtml

. If one special syntax element is good, two must be better, right? Sometimes. Though some operators can't be mixed (you can't use the link: operator with anything else) many can be, quickly narrowing your results to a less overwhelming number.

More Google API Applications

Staggernation.com offers three tools based on the Google API. The Google API Web Search by Host (GAWSH) lists the Web hosts of the results for a given query


When you click on the triangle next to each host, you get a list of results for that host. The Google API Relation Browsing Outliner (GARBO) is a little more complicated: You enter a URL and choose whether you want pages that related to the URL or linked to the URL


Click on the triangle next to an URL to get a list of pages linked or related to that particular URL. CapeMail is an e-mail search application that allows you to send an e-mail to google@capeclear.com with the text of your query in the subject line and get the first ten results for that query back. Maybe it's not something you'd do every day, but if your cell phone does e-mail and doesn't do Web browsing, this is a very handy address to know. .

Shankeebrief for the week 4 at shankee.com. We are really sorry for being late on shankeebrief this week. And huge congratulations to us on successfully completing 4 weeks of shankee.com. We also have a logo now and we are looking forward to make more improvements to the site itself. So here is a brief recapaptuantion (recap) of what was on the site for the fourth week.


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This is a simple Command Prompt trick that tells you the exact time when your system is booted and also from this you can very well know how long your system has been up and running. This trick works on XP, Vista and windows 7 as well.

Here's how you know the system boot time:

  • Go to the Start orb and type cmd at the search box.
  • Now right click on the cmd icon that shows in the list and select Run as Administrator
  • Now type "systeminfo" and hit Enter.
  • The system might take a few seconds to calculate the system details and will show the results.
  • This shows a lot of information about your computer like the computer name, OS, registrant's name and much more.
  • To know the time when the computer was tuned on look for the line "System boot time"
  • This is the exact time when the system was turned on.

This is quite a simple trick but proves to be quite useful a lot of times.

If you have such cool tricks do share with us, just mail us at shashank@shankee.

gmail addonsWe all love Gmail, so here is a few more Gmail addons to make your life more easier and also to enjoy the love for Google's mail service. Have a look at all 30 of them.


Gspace - multi-platform firefox addon that turns your gmail account into powerful online storage tool

Gmail Search Extension - search your gmail account directly from the firefox search bar

GcalQuickTab - toggle between gmail and google calendar with keyboard shortcuts

GTDInbox - turns your account into flexible and feature-loaded ToDo-management service (GTD = Getting Things Done)

GMail Manager - manage multiple GMail accounts right from your browser

DragDropUpload - this handy extension lets you quickly attach one or more files to your emails by dragging them over the “Attach a file” link

CustomizeGoogle - removes ads, switches you from http to https, hides the spam counter, quick contacts box, invite box and forces fixed font

Better Gmail - integrates bunch of cool features, i.e. attachment icons, attachment Reminder, mail preview, filter assistant, label colors, macros, and saved searches

GmailSkinz - powerful firefox addon with lots of cool features: (Note: some users reported having problems with this addon)

  • change the colour of your inbox(from green to dark green),
  • view weather, google calendar and news headlines along side your emails,
  • integrate any Google IG module to sidebar menu(Awesome),
  • insert images from your Picasa web album in to emails,
  • insert smileys,
  • change the attachment paperclip to an icon indicating the type of attachment,
  • make the navigation (Inbox, Starred, Sent Mail, etc) horizontal,
  • hide various page elements (invite panel, page footer and your email address from the top right of inbox).
  • complete integration with Gmail: addon settings can be changed directly from the Gmail settings page.

Google Toolbar with Gmail search - Official Google toolbar featuring one-click Gmail search

E-Mail Notifier Toolbar | Gmail Notifier - as titles say ‘…notifier


GREASEMONKEY SCRIPTS (What is Greaseamonkey?)

Gmail Super Clean - clean and distraction-free gmail. Looks great, check it out here

Gmail Spam-count Hide - hides spam count link

GMail Attachment Icons - adds attachment icons to emails, letting you see what kind of attachment an email has (HTML,JPG, PDF….) 'Attachment icons' isn't a standard greasemonkey script, it's an addon for a similar Firefox extension known as Stylish. However, installing it on greasemonkey should be fine as well]

Google Reader Integration - integrates Google Reader into Gmail. Highly Recommended (demo)

GmailTo - forces all ‘mailto’ links to open in GMail

Saved Searches - lets you create ’saved searches’(aka smart folders) and display them in the separate box in the navigation menu. Clicking on a search executes the saved query. Demo

Conversation Preview - handy addon that lets you quickly preview message contents right from the main inbox window. See demo below

Google Calendar Integration - integrates Google Calendar agenda into Gmail. Demo

Label Colors - lets you color menu labels to make them stand out better. Demo

Gmail Macros - adds extra keyboard shortcuts to Gmail (i.e. “t” for move to trash, “r” for mark as read, “p” for mark as read and add to archive…etc). Read more

SSLGoogle - force google mail, docs and cal pages and their intra-links to a secure connection(HTTPS)

Gmail Encrypt - encrypts outgoing emails

Gmail Date Search - adds a Search by Date button to Gmail’s search form

Gmail Signature Float - moves your mail signature to the top of the message rather than the bottom

Following image displays all above mentioned scripts in action(click to enlarge and open it in a new windows)
gmail greasemonkey scripts


Desktop APPS and Web TOOLS:

GmailDrive (Windows) - adds a new virtual drive(’Gmail Drive’) to My Computer folder and uses gmail as its storage medium. Drag’n drop files Gmail Drive and it will store them on your gmail account as if on additional hard drive. More on GmailDrive

gDisk (Mac) - similar to above mentioned GmailDrive but for Mac users

Gmail ToDo - handy desktop application that stores entered todo’s in a todo label on gmail

Desktop Notifiers: GMail Notifier(official release from Google), GTray (Win XP), GCount (Mac), Gmail+Growl 2.0 (GmailNotifier addon that lets you further customize ‘new mail’ alerts)

GMail for Mobile - access gmail from your mobile

GmailFS - mountable Linux filesystem which uses Gmail as its storage medium

Google Talk - Google’s IM service which is fully integrable with GMail

You’ve Got Gmail - Gmail plugin for Trillian IM client


Unbl0ck - use this tool to access gmail from places where it’s blocked (work, school…)

Gmail icon generator - creates an image of your email address to minimize spam exposure

Gmail To Thunderbird - how to access your Gmail using Mozilla Thunderbird

Shortcut List - handy, printable list of keyboard shortcuts for the Gmail

Hotmail Contacts Import - explains how to import contacts from Hotmail to Gmail

Gmail trick that explains how to find that ’someone’ who gives away your email address to spammers

Attach any file type - bunch of tricks showing you how to attach and send blocked file types, i.e. ‘*.exe’

JimsTips - huge collection of basic gmail tips

Source- http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/gmail-craze-30-tools-to-make-your-gmail-better/