We all love a short and simple URL. I know the fact as i had been blogging for over a year on a blogspot domain. But the .com domain comes with a price. Like i brought shankee.com for over $8 for a year. But still you too could have a free domain, as there have been many sites that offer domains for free. But these domains are not so professional looking and these are just URL redirection.

Here are the few services that offer free domain shortening. For example you own a domain such as http://hackiteasy.blogspot.com that could be shortened to just http://hackiteasy.tk
That looks much more cleaner that blogspot domain.

.TK - http://dot.tk/
.CJB.NET - http://cjb.net/
.DOM.IR - http://dom.ir/
.EURO.ST & MANY MORE - http://ulimit.com/en
.CO.CC - http://co.cc/
.CO.NR - http://freedomain.co.nr/
.US.TT & MANY MORE - http://joynic.com
.UNI.CC - http://uni.cc/
.CA.GS - http://ca.gs

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