MSI dualtouchsreen ereaderThere have been numerous specs about the ereader being launched from MSI, and yesterday at CES , we saw MSI's new dual touch screen ereader. And it has got everything we would have actually asked from a ereader. Its more of a netbook than just being an ereader. It has an Atom Processor and WIndows 7 installed.

See the pics to believe it really is awesome, and the thing quite amazed us that MSI would soon launch that to be sold in markets. We hope it reaches India soon.
MSI netbook ereaderPics Courtesy: Engadget.com
As Engadget reported the thing is not light, it feels really heavy and is metallic from outside. On the inside of the dual 10-inch, capacitive multitouch screens work like extended displays and we were able to drag windows from one screen to the other. The entire thing was a bit flaky since it's obviously running some beta software, but the digital keyboard was easy to pull up and had a haptic-like feedback when we started typing on the bottom screen.

See the video from engadget.

Window's enthusiast have found a new tweak that if not essentially makes you the deity of your windows machine, but still gives you a lot of power to do a lot of stuff on your PC. The GodMode as they say is a simple hack to reveal the hidden world of bundles of tweaks and utilities.

The Godmode is much similar to the TweakUI utility found in Windows XP that gives a list of utilities and tweaks to do a lot of stuff life from using Bitlocker to creating new partitions on hardisk and much more.

Accessing the GodMode feature is really very simple

You just need to create a folder and rename it to -


That's all...! The folder's icon would automatically change to the Control Panel icon.

GodMode screen Windows 7

You can create the folder anywhere and on clicking that folder you directly go to the GodMode list.

The trick worked well on Windows 7 .Some users have also shown that it works fine on 32bit Windows Vista as well. Although it made a few 64 bit Windows Vista to crash.

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Google Superphone nexusThere have been so many rumors and leak shots of the finally revealed Google's phone "NEXUS". Google call it the superphone as they say there has never been a phone like this one. Let's have a look at the feature and what it offers.

So the phone is not to be confused to a superbike of the same name although the bike looks awesome. The google phone got its name from one of the 'replicants' in the Ridley Scott's movie Blade Runner. We already have a bunch of other companies who have lanuched Android phones but this is the first all Google phone made by a Taiwanese manufacturer under strict supervision of Google.
NexusThe Phone has built in FM radio with RDS. The phone also boasts of a 5 megapixel camera and unlike Iphone has a flash and auto-focus. The image quality is awesome. The handset has a super bright 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED touch screen display that’s slightly larger than its Apple rival.
Google Phone
The other extra features include "live wallpaper", animated background that move as you continue with your work on the phone. As well as touch screen controls, the phone also features four hardware buttons and a Blackberry-style rollerball for navigating menus and web pages.The Nexus One only comes with a 4GB SD card in the box for storing files, but this can be expanded to 32 GB with a larger capacity card.Google Nexus specifications

The phone is going to be priced around $550 (25,000) and google also hinted of its release in India soon.

Update (7th Jan 2009)

Google has made an exclusive site for the Google Phone Nexus- http://www.google.com/phone .They had even posted a java based applet of the phone that would give you a hint of what would be when you are using the phone in actual. The virtual phone model was really slow but it showed that Nexus can sure compete the Iphone when it comes to interactive Operating System.Virtual google phone Nexus

GOlang logoLast month we told you about (Google's OOPS based language GO)the new Object Oriented language launched by Google called "GO". So today we tell you how to install that on an Ubuntu Machine. And ya still i haven't came through a method to use GO on a windows machine.

Here's how we install GO on Ubuntu 9.04

1) Install Pre-requisites on ubuntu.

You need gcc and some supporting software like bison to compile go. Install the following.

 $ sudo apt-get install bison gcc libc6-dev ed.

The go repository uses mercurial version controls system .
Install mercurial with the following command.

$ apt-get install mercurial

2 Set up the environment variables.

I am assuming that you are planning to install go under a folder
named go in your home directory.

In my case it is /home/fermi/go

Create it with
$mkdir go

Now create another direcory inside go .

$ mkdir go/bin

The above directory will contain your go compiler.
Next, you have to set u several variables.

$ export  GOROOT=/home/fermi/go/hg
$ export GOOS=linux

$ export GOARCH=386
$ export GOBIN=/home/fermi/go/bin

( Note: You need not create the folder hg. You can also add the above
four lines along with the PATH variable below to the .bashrc file
if you are planning to use go regularly.)

Update your PATH variable .

$ export PATH=$PATH:$GOBIN

Check the environment variables with.
$ env | grep '^GO'

I got like this.


3) Grab the source code from mercurial

$hg clone -r release https://go.googlecode.com/hg/ $GOROOT 

It created
/home/fermi/go/hg and downloaded several files to it.
To build the Go distribution run.

4) Compile Go

$ cd $GOROOT/src
$ ./all.bash

Now wait for some time. The compilations will proceed and will be
completed with the following message

--- cd ../test
N known bugs; 0 unexpected bugs

5) Test go
Your go language system is ready to go.:D
Now let us write a hello world program and test it.

Create the following program in your favourite editor and save it as hello.go

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
fmt.Printf("hello, world\n")

To compile hello.go run.
 $ 8g hello.go

The above command produced and intermediate file hello.8.
Next you have to link it.
$ 8l hello.8

The executable is placed as 8.out. Finally run the executable.

There are lot of tutorials on the net, the main golang group is Golang-nuts
there you will find a lot of tutorials and people to help you.

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BumpTop screenBumtop makes your decktop interactive, as if it is a table or a box and all the files or icons are objects in real life. Lets you toss them, pile them and do a lot of stuff u might do in real life with small material things.

Shankee Bumptop screen and iconsBumpTop makes your pixels come to life. Grab, toss, pile and sort your icons and watch them respond with stunning lifelike motion simulated with nVidia PhysX, a gaming grade physics engine. Your flat desktop will pop with BumpTop's saucy 3D visuals and new organization possibilities. Pimp out your space with Themes. Choose from all the user created themes or make your own and share it with the world. BumpTop's walls and background are totally customizable.Sideview of the wall of shankee bumptop screen

Even though not to be used forever Bumtop is a good thing to try and have fun with the way you use your desktop, it certainly has given a new meaning to the name "Active Desktop". Bumptop Logo

“Research shows that just about everyone creates piles on their real desks, and many people rely on piling and stacking to keep organized. In contrast, the PC desktop forces users into inflexible folder hierarchies, and has maintained the same rigid and flat look and feel for decades,” said BumpTop co-founder and CEO Anand Agarawala. “BumpTop takes advantage of how human beings work and play using real interactions like tossing, piling and bumping. It increases productivity, connects you to your social networks and just makes life easier.”

Download BumTop here

See this video to know how BumpTop works

Recently Shahrukh joined twitter, Indian celebs on twitterbut i came to one conclusion still twitter is away from twitter. I don't have much of my friends on twitter, we are seeing rise in Indian community on facebook but still not on twitter. So here to spread some awareness about twitter, I'll write about the Indian celebs on twitter.

This is the most complete list you could ever find of all Indian celebrities on twitter. I have categorised the lists according to profession such as there is a different list for Indian actress/actor on twitter and a separate list for Indian politicians on twitter....

Meet me at twitter..
Shankee author(shashank agarwal) on twitter @itsshashank
Also for conveniene i have made a list called celebs on my twitter account, which had links to all the celebs listed here. So add me on twitter.

Indian Actor/actresses on twitter

Shahrukh khan
Shahrukh need no introduction, he is the latest one to join the twitter brigade. He got over 22,000 followers on day 1. I am not posting his followers as they would be increasing exponentially. And when i wrote this post shahrukh didn't had a profile pic on twitter.

Gul Panag
Gul Panag the indian actress has really been quite a net addict. She is one of the first indian celebrity to blog frequently and was one of the first few to join twitter.

Shahid Kapoor

Mallika Sherawat
She was one of the first asian celeb to be invited to twitter office. She really tweets frequently.

Ritesh Deshmukh
I was surprised to see ritesh and even more surtised to see how frequently he acutally tweets. He follows a lot of Indian celebs on twitter.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay is also on twitter, though he don't tweets that frequent. And the low no. of his followers quite surprised me. It felt as if he was unspotted by media yet. As if no one knew he is also on twitter.

Abhishek Bhachhan
He certainly has a very strange nickname. But he surely has a lot of followers. And ya his father Amitabh Bachhan and wife Aishwarya are not on twitter.

Other celebs that i found on twitter, click on their name to go to their twitter page .

Indian Singers on twitter

VJs on twitter

Other famous celebs

These are the blog list of some famous celebs..

Indian Bollywood Celebrities and their blogs

Indian Politicians

And ya Katrina Kaif is not on twitter .
Please tell us if someone was left out. And do tell if any account leads to a fake celebrity.