Window's enthusiast have found a new tweak that if not essentially makes you the deity of your windows machine, but still gives you a lot of power to do a lot of stuff on your PC. The GodMode as they say is a simple hack to reveal the hidden world of bundles of tweaks and utilities.

The Godmode is much similar to the TweakUI utility found in Windows XP that gives a list of utilities and tweaks to do a lot of stuff life from using Bitlocker to creating new partitions on hardisk and much more.

Accessing the GodMode feature is really very simple

You just need to create a folder and rename it to -


That's all...! The folder's icon would automatically change to the Control Panel icon.

GodMode screen Windows 7

You can create the folder anywhere and on clicking that folder you directly go to the GodMode list.

The trick worked well on Windows 7 .Some users have also shown that it works fine on 32bit Windows Vista as well. Although it made a few 64 bit Windows Vista to crash.

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