Square is one the devices that sure is going to ease us all in online shopping. Square promises to make you shop anywhere, anytime on your phone using your credit card.

Square is a small gadget that can be connected to any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The tech gadget lets you swipe your credit/debit card as if you are shopping on a retail store, and lets you pay instantly for the service in the site.

Square works today on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Nexus One, and Droid. The might just add support to other tech devices soon.

Square is a great concept that might just revolutionize the way we shop on the internet. But the simpler the technology becomes the easier it becomes for hackers to abuse it. But the software developers at Square are much concerned with this and hence they have further delayed the release of square device.

The different plans for the Square device are shown below-

Features Square Others
Merchant account requiredNoneYes
Contract requiredNone1-2 years
Mobile card readerFree$150-$900
Monthly feeNone$15-$25
Monthly minimumNone$25
Card-present (swiped) rate2.75% + 15¢2.9% + 30¢
Card-not-present (keyed-in) rate3.5% + 15¢2.9% + 30¢

See the video-

Android x86
Android is the new buzzword geeks are chanting these days. We have seen gadgets ranging from TVs, mobiles, refrigerators, etc based on Android. So i wanted to find and install Google Android on my laptop. Here is what i have found.

First of all let me tell you , google is developing two Operating Systems at the same time one being Android while other is Google Chrome OS. We still don't know why. Microsoft has already said once that it is the biggest mistake that google is doing,  But when we saw these two OS except for being based on Linux kernel they were completely different.

I have already written about Google Chrome OS. Please see here-
"Chrome OS" Google's own operating system 

So I wanted to install Google Android for it. We came across two ways to use and install Linux. One was using a LiveAndroid while the other was Android x86 Project.

LiveAndroid CD

LiveAndroid is a live CD for Android running on x86 platforms. When you use this live cd you are using Android without making any change or installing anything on your system. The LiveAndroid is hosted on the Google Code site.

Follow the procedure to install LiveAndroid.

  • You can get LiveAndroid here.
  • You can also download LiveAndroid using any torrent client here.
  • The files are split into two. You need to join them using HJSplit.
  • Now burn these files to a CD that can be used as the Live CD to run the OS.
  • You can also run the image from a USB, for that use W32DiskImager to copy the image to a USB drive.
  • On running the image you would see the Android window.
Android interface desktop
We suggest you to do this using a virtualizaton software. With virtualization software like VMware , VirtualBox or Microsoft Virtual PC, you can run or install LiveAndroid inside windows.

Android x86 Project

Some programmers alternatively made Android-x86 Project. These programmers have built a full android with full applications support.

They have made great easy to use installations, and simplified tutorials for the non-programmers to understand easily. They have wonderful interface, with a huge back-up of android applications. We just loved the interface and look, as we never expected this as such an early stage.

The Android x86 can be downloaded here.
Android x86 project

Android x86 application menu

Here is great tutorial at the project site on how to install the OS.
See the tutorial here- http://www.android-x86.org/documents/installhowto

Android is surely a promising platform for tablet PCs and netbook computers. We find it super touch screen compatible as it is made for laptops and netbooks and have a completely different interface than a desktop computer.

Please do comment on the post, and do tell us how was your experience with installing Android.
For more info see the official Android SDK here - http://www.android.com/

Despite Steve Jobs's ethical reservations, it's clear that people want Flash on their iPads (or at the very least, developers want to find ways put it there). Recently we saw Smokescreen, a browser plug-in that pulls apart SWF binaries and reassembles them into something Apple-friendly.

Taking a slightly different tack, the kids at the Artefact Group have been working on a service called Flash In A Pinch. Right now, it's but a proof-of-concept, but it's a pretty sweet concept at that: Flash is rendered on Artefact's servers, which streams the images to the user's Safari browser. By placing a Javascript layer on top of the content, the user's touch interactions can be sent back to the server, making the whole megillah fully interactive. At present, the whole affair is a little too slow to use, and as of yet there is no sound, but all in all it's a great start. Video after the break. Hit the source link for more technical details (and yet more videos).

It's easy to lose track of the number of times that Windows XP has been proclaimed dead, but it looks like this particular cut-off date is indeed the real thing -- Microsoft is now reminding OEMs that they'll no longer be able to install Windows XP Home on new netbooks after October 22nd of this year.

The venerable operating system could all but disappear from new netbooks well before then, however, considering that Microsoft itself notes that a full 81% of netbooks sold as of April of this year shipped with some form of Windows 7 pre-installed. There are still some Windows XP-based netbooks floating around out there though, so snap one up while you can if you don't feel like reverting back to the OS yourself.

We love flashAdobe has started rolling "I love Flash" Ads on google. I just came across a few of these while surfing the net. On clicking them i cam to a page dedicated to promoting flash. They portrayed flash a choice for creative freedom as against said to bounding developers by Apple.

There has been much fuss created over Flash after Apple officially announced of not using any version of Flash on any of its electronic devices which comprises of the latest iPhone. iPod Touch and iPad.

Apple's CEO Steve Jobs has already done a lot to defame the flash created by Adobe. Blaming it to curbing the creative freedom and productivity of developers. Also they blamed Adobe Flash that it is power hungry and made devices to discharge very early. Also it was blamed of heating up devices.Adobe we love flash campaign

In return Adobe has started a "we love choice" campaign. This is what they have to say-

At Adobe, we believe that the open flow of creativity, ideas, and information should be limited only by the imagination. Innovation thrives when people are free to choose the technologies that enable them to openly express themselves and access information where and when they want.

Instead of being abandoned by apple, flash is supported by Google. And Google Nexus One was said to support Flash version 10.We love choices adobe flash

The Flash war in on, lets hope Flash gains public support. Well i personally hate Flash being controlled by Adobe. It should be open-sourced, but still love what we can do from flash.

See the adobe campaign here.

Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 Volunteership programme at Amity universityIt appears like Delhi government is doing its best to ensure a successful Commonwealth (CWG) games to be held in October. The training for volunteers has been started from June 9th and today was the second day of which i was a part of. Lets check what the games committee has in store with you.

The training sessions

The training was scheduled to start at 8.30. Those who are using the public transport can use the bus (yellow AMITY university bus). The bus would ferry volunteers from 8 am t0 9 am. Try being a bit early as the first session starts at 9am. The extra time is given you to prepare yourself for the first session. You would be provided with a tea and snacks (mine was potato patties may differ for you).

And also you would be given a CWG notebook and a pencil for making notes. I personally felt the notebook was of no use, and was a pure wastage of paper and money. As no one ever used it for except a few words and in some group exercises. It could have been easily done with a paper.

According to the protocol the volunteers manuals should be provided to you before the commencement of the games but it was handed to us at the end of the session. The manual contains all the information about the sessions and general training.CWG delhi 2010

The first session- The Commomwealth Games

In this session you would be made aware about the history of the games. Also about the history of games and events hosted in India. The volunteers would also be made aware about the sporting events in CWG , organizing committee and other important thing you need to know.

The second session- Delhi United

The session focuses on the Delhi's volunteer group called as Delhi United. The session makes emphasis on "U" meaning the volunteers. It mentions the various jobs of the volunteers , the accreditation card, uniform, transportation and other important aspects.

The above two sessions are meant for all the volunteers all along. After these you would be devided into five sections. And would be allotted your respected session or rooms, where the next session would take place.
The sessions are named according to the "UNITED". With "U" being the session 2 and "NITED" making sessions 3 to 7 respectively.

These sessions were processes in cycles. The first batch goes to the session 3 (N), the second to session 4 (I) and so on.. with fifth batch going to the session 8 (D). Each class comprises of a lot of interactive visual/audio information presented by the presenter.Shera the CWG delhi mascot

The presenter/lecturers are from Amity University itself and are really very good. The teachers should be applauded for as I myself enjoyed in almost all the sessions. Each session would also have some group exercises as well. If you really want to enjoy the training feel free to interact and be an active part of all the exercises you can be. They are really full of fun.

The other sessions were-

Session 3 - NAMASTE
Session 4 - IN Spirit..In Action
Session 5 - T Talent + Training= Triumph
Session 6 - E Energy! Enthusiasm! Enjoyment
Session 7 - D Dedicated to Delivering
Session 8 - You are important to the games

You would be asked to have your picture clicked at the venue itself for your ID cards. This is only the general training. The next training would be role-specific training which would be your function specific training. The last would be venue training which would be the final training at the venue itself.Abhinav bindra with the CWG queen's baton

On querying with the CWG staff we came to know that role are specified automatically. The computers have already allotted the roles to the volunteers according to the information in the forms and the interview.

The meal they provided was good it had the following things-

  • Chhole/chana
  • raita
  • aloo ki sabzi
  • rice
  • chapati
  • salad
Although they provided us with a lot of 4 rounds of tea, but i wonder how can anyone drink 4 cups of tea in such a hot weather. Well everything else was f9.
Update (12th June 2010)

Their have been many queries regarding the next call for scheduled training. So here is the info we got from the officials.

Role-Specific Training
The officials told us that the next call would be for role-specific training. They have already selected and set volunteers to their specific roles and other volunteers having the same credentials in the application form would be trained all together. He hinted as well that people doing Btech or realted to computers would be put in Technology while those in MBA would be put in management and so on. The role-specific training are set not before July The dates are not set yet.

Venue Specific Training
The venue specific training would only be done a few days before the CWG games, ( in last week of september). The venue be so decided so that you have to travel the least from your home to the venue.

Also the uniforms would be handed over to you after the role-specific training. The uniform distributing center for CWG is set as Pragati Maidan . The officials have assigned dates to avoid over-crowded venue. Please be on time or you might have to wait for long.

Google announced a new indexing system called Caffeine. Google said the new indexing system would be show 50% newer results in the web search. It is a great achievement as the content is shown to search as soon as it is created.
This is a great news for bloggers, as all bloggers want their content to be indexed in google as soon as possible and shown in the results page. Previously when you searched google server, the results were displayed from a list ofpreviouls indexed pages. As older and more refernced content is given more prefernce and newer content would take a lot of time to reach the same level of prestige.

But the new indexing scheme Caffeine is said to have a higher percentage of newer content. Google beore this employed live search using twitter and other real time search platforms to provide real-time web search. Google made a really good attempt to explain all this here.

To keep up with the evolution of the web and to meet rising user expectations, Caffeine was built. The image below illustrates how the old indexing system worked compared to Caffeine:

Our old index had several layers, some of which were refreshed at a faster rate than others; the main layer would update every couple of weeks. To refresh a layer of the old index, we would analyze the entire web, which meant there was a significant delay between when we found a page and made it available to you.

Some interesting facts google told us :-

Caffeine lets us index web pages on an enormous scale. In fact, every second Caffeine processes hundreds of thousands of pages in parallel. If this were a pile of paper it would grow three miles taller every second. Caffeine takes up nearly 100 million gigabytes of storage in one database and adds new information at a rate of hundreds of thousands of gigabytes per day. You would need 625,000 of the largest iPods to store that much information; if these were stacked end-to-end they would go for more than 40 miles.

We hope we all love google but never actually know the real effort google puts behind the simple box search page we see.

Source - Googleblog

According to the experts the “data provided by the spacecraft, was analyzed despite the chemical complexity of the surface of Titan, the only known moon that has a dense atmosphere. Its surface is steep and it formed by mountains, lakes and rivers, leading astronomers to say that this moon is the closest to Earth in the Solar System. Were detected organic elements and chemicals in Titan, but the planet is no formed by liquid water, but methane, as scientists suspect life on Titan is based on methane. “

The first report published by “Dailymail”, says that “the hydrogen flowing in the atmosphere of Titan, disappears into the surface, which could say that this hydrogen is breathed by the aliens.”

The second report states that “there is a lack of certain chemicals on the surface of Saturn’s moon. This evidence comprises two very important and necessary conditions to exist in Titan’s methane-based life. “

Chris McKay, NASA astrobiologist declared to “Dailymail” that “If these signals are converted into a sign of life, it is doubly interesting because they represent a second way of life that had nothing to do with water based life we know on Earth.

Scientists believe that “More heat from the sun on Titan is necessary so that living conditions are absolutely ideal.”

Professor John Zarnecki, of the ‘Open University’, said that “within four billion years, when the sun grows bigger, Titan will be a paradise.

NASA, in its latest findings, says that Titan could be a haven for primitive life forms owing to its atmosphere, the densest known amongst all the moons. The findings are based on the data sent by the Cassini space probe which was launched back in 1997 and is still sending data whilst orbiting Saturn, 12 years on.

The latest findings have been compiled into two papers and according to them, there is evidence that the presence of hydrogen in the upper layers of the atmosphere slowly disappears as you go down - pointing towards the evidence of Hydrogen being used up by living beings present on the surface of the moon. This points toward a life form that is different from the water based life for as we know it on Earth. Life forms on the Titan, as the report states, would be methane based.

While it might be heartening to note that there could be possibility of life on a moon not far from the Earth (in astronomical terms), the Titan is still a toxic hell for us humans to be there. However, in about 4 billion years time, when the Sun expands and becomes a red giant, parching the Earth and killing all life forms in it, the Titan could prove to be a second abode and a virtual paradise.

Feedjit, which offers website publishers and bloggers a live traffic widget that lets them see who is visiting their site(s) in real time, is now serving over 1 billion widget impressions per month on a network of more than 530,000 online properties.

According to co-founder and CEO Mark Maunder, Feedjit widgets reach over 150 million unique users on a monthly basis.

The startup has made a strong key hire, appointing RescueTime co-founder and former CEO Tony Wright as Head of Product.

Over the weekend, Feedjit also launched a totally new design for both the Feedjit.com website and the Live Traffic Feed, improving the ability to customize widgets and making for a generally faster experienced thanks to upgraded back-end systems.

Feedjit now lets site visitors appear in live traffic feed widgets in real-time, while linking directly to their respective Twitter and Facebook profile pages.

Feedjit quietly closed a seed round back in 2008, from a trio of angel investors made up of Naval Ravikant, Aydin Senkut (former senior manager at Google who now runs Felicis Ventures) and Georges Harik (former Director of Googlettes at Google).

Having raised less than half a million dollars, it’s pretty amazing for Feedjit to have grown up to become one one of the largest widget providers on the Web today.

Google custom backgroundGoogle now allows users to customize their search page. And the latest enhancement appears to be inspired by the rival Microsoft's Bing. Google now lets users select any background for the once so simple and white search page.

Its really nice to see how much google is experimenting on the Google search page. The company once famously debated at length between 41 different shades of blue to use on the home page, carefully watching the data to see which got more clicks. And don't forget the top-bar that appears only when you move that mouse.

The feature is available only for users at US but soon if would be rolled out to the rest of the world as well.

Source - Googleblog

nokia n900The much awaited slate cum phone from Nokia the n900 is officially launched in India. The Nokia N900 is based on a linux maemo platform.

The device is also known as the internet tablet. It has a superb OS with great visual effects. It has a wide 3.5-inch touchscreen display, Nokia N900 packs a QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, LED flash with 3X digital zoom and GPS.Nokia n900 tablet

It supports the much hyped Adoble Flash 9.4. The phone packs a Maemo 5 operating system and is powered by ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz processor. As for memory, the phone comes with 32GB internal storage which can be expanded upto 45GB.nokia internet tablet

Other key features include Wi-Fi, 3G, FM transmitter and Bluetooth. Nokia N900 promises upto 6 hrs 30 min of 2G talktime and upto 4 hrs 30 min of 3G talktime.n900

The phone will be available in the later part of June and will come for Rs 30,639.

Source- Techree

The soon to be released Blackberry Bold 9800Blackberry Bold 9800 is one of the sexiest slider phone we came across yet. Its way ahead Blackberry Storm on the style quotient. The verdict is still out on OS 6, but there's hardly any doubting the assured design and form factor that RIM has gone with for the BlackBerry Bold 9800 slider.

Blackberry Bold 9800
The device was reported by Balcbeert Times in China and blogged by engadget.It seems the recent trend is having the plastic back replaced with a leather back like other RIM high-end devices. The Google-translated Chinese seems to confirm again that the screen is not SurePress. There weren't much details about the gadget but we will write about it as soon as the device specs are out.

Source Blackberry Times

commonwealth games volunteer 2010The Commonwealth Games 2010 that are to be held in Delhi has started rolling out mails calling volunteers for training.

Being part of the volunteer program myself I too got mail. As reported the venue for training is selected to be Amity engineering college situated at Sector-125 Noida.

It seems that government is doing its best to ensure maximum participation. The timings for the training are 8.30 am to 6 pm. The volunteers would be provided with a lot of snacks and meals. Amity University will provide, free of cost, lunch and refreshments during the training programme as below,

  • On Arrival at Campus – Tea and Snacks
  • Morning Break – Tea and Cookies
  • Lunch Break – Lunch
  • Afternoon Break – Tea and Cookies
  • Evening Break – High Tea


• For participants using Public Transport
- By Metro
Board a metro to Noida Botanical Garden Metro station.
- By Bus
Board a bus to Noida Sector 37 Crossing and walk down to Noida Botanical Garden Metro station.

Amity University would be ferrying volunteers from 8am to 9am from Noida Botanical Metro station to Amity University Campus and after the training programme, back to Noida Botanical Metro Station free of cost.

• For participants using Personal Conveyance
If you are planning to drive down to Amity Campus sector 125 Noida in your personal vehicle, kindly ensure that you enter the campus through Gate No 2C, parking space would be provided.

[Click Here] for route to reach Amity University Campus, Sector 125, Noida.

For identification purposes, you must bring a hardcopy of this email or SMS received along with valid photo id card (Driving License/PAN card/ Passport/ College ID card/ Voter ID Card).

We wish all the best to all the volunteers selected. Please see the official site for more details.

Please follow Commomwealth Delhi 2010 on twitter and facebook .

Update -

See the full details of the training here - Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 Volunteership programme at Amity university

Pulse iPadApple's iPad has been stated as the next revenue generating platform for the media companies, but it turn out to be that its two indian techies that made to be the top paid application on the App Store.

The two Indian-born graduate students Akshay Kothari, 23, and Ankit Gupta, 22, at Stanford University’s Institute of Design developed Pulse, the News Reader.

The two developed the service in the Launch Pad class, which asks budding entrepreneurs to develop and introduce a product in just 10 weeks. Mr. Kothari said the project was inspired by “a personal frustration at the whole news reading experience” on mobile devices.

Pulse is a revamped stylish new reader that shows news snippets is a grid of textx and photos. Users can finger-swipe back and forth across various articles from a single news source, or up and down through up to 20 news sources.

The app allows users to see text-only versions of articles, which are basically cleaned-up versions of a news site’s RSS feeds, or to see the full articles as they are presented on the Web. It also lets people easily share articles through Twitter and Facebook – bypassing the individual sharing tools presented by each news site.

The students estimate that about 15,000 people have downloaded their app, which translates into more than $40,000 in revenue, taking into account Apple’s 30 percent cut.

The pair have created a company, Alphonso Labs, and are now working on versions of the app for other devices, as well as talking to potential investors.

“You absolutely do not have to give away something great for free,” said Michael Dearing, a former eBay executive who is a teacher of the Launch Pad class. “If you build something great, people will pay you for it.”
Source - bits.nytimes.com

Nokia launches its two new "Dual SIM" phones- the C1-00 and C2. They are both low-end candybars having minimal features and might not suit the feature hungry people but are great for travelers.

They both have Symbian S40, (there is no 3G). They have bluetooth and VGA camera. C1-00 has a VGA camera, microSD card slot, media player and FM radio, with a retail price of 30 Euros ($36) up-front. The second dual-SIM phone, the C2, also comes with Ovi Mail, chat and a web browser, with a standby battery life of 16.5 days, and costs 45 Euros ($55).

Nokia's First Dual-SIM Phones Could Get You In a Load of Trouble
Both have that dual-SIM goodness though, so if you can manage to explain to your wife why you are ditching your iPhone for a phone like you used to own 10 years ago, then go for it. Calls and texts can be sent from both phone numbers at the same time on the C2, whereas the C1 can hold two SIM cards at once, with the ability to switch between the two numbers at the press of a button. That'd be handy for travelers, who happen to pick up a SIM card in another country.

Originally posted at - Gizmodo

The venerable dialog box, that we see in firefox faces extinctinction. As mozilla designer Stephen Horlander has published Firefox interface mock-ups that illustrate how the browser could look with some options set through a preferences tab rather than through a preferences dialog box.

The designs are experimental, but some of the work is proceeding already. For example, Firefox's new interface for managing add-ons uses this "in-content" interface, and Firefox's about:config controls have appeared in a browser tab for years.

Firefox's user interface could be shedding some of its dialog boxes. This mock-up shows some ideas.

Firefox's user interface could be shedding some of its dialog boxes. This mock-up shows some ideas.

The moc-up looked pretty much like Google Chrome. Actually if we see this from a distance any one can get conned to think that its chrome. As we see in chrome only the tabs and the windows and no dialog box.

Moving away from dialog boxes is by no means universal, but it is common. Dialog boxes can be confusing, sometimes blocking access to the rest of the software until they're closed and sometimes staying open while hidden behind other windows. Some software, such as Photoshop, is moving toward "non-modal" controls that often live alongside content in the manner of a toolbar.

The post originally appeared on Deep tech

The famous mobile apllication store GetJar announced that ebuddy became the second application right after facebook to reach over 50 million downloads on its app store.Ebudy is a multiple account chat client. With Ebuddy you can chat through multiple users across different social networking site at the same time.

GetJar, which dubs itself the ‘Walmart of mobile apps’, says it is currently the second largest app store worldwide, after Apple’s iTunes. It offers more than 65,000 mobile applications across all major handsets and platforms to consumers in more than 200 countries.

The company recently launched a mobile advertising distribution platform that offers developers the opportunity to bid for premium catalogue placement per download in GetJar’s store and distribution channels. App developers and publishers can set their own maximum daily budgets, and only pay when consumers successfully download the advertised application.

eBuddy says this pay-per-download solution helped making GetJar its number one external source for downloads, particularly in key countries like India (GetJar’s solution allows developers to geo-target campaigns by country, handset or even carrier).

Source- techcrunch.com

According to a Tweet just posted by Twitter engineer Nick Kallen, the microblogging network has just enabled a new “You both follow” feature. The feature, which is only being tested for 10 percent of users, allows you to see any common people that you and another user both follow.

Here’s a screenshot of what the feature looks like.

The “You both follow” feature is pretty much what it sounds like. When you click on a contact it will show you the common people you both follow on the right sidebar of the page, just above the “following” tab. It’s actually surprising the feature hasn’t been turned on sooner, considering how useful it is in showing your social connections between other Twitter users.

“You both follow” is similar in theory to Facebook’s friends in common feature, which has been around for some time now. The feature no doubt makes Twitter a little more of an interconnected social network and it should be interesting if the microblogging network takes it a step further. For example, Twitter could start recommending people to follow based on who your friends are following.

Source- http://techcrunch.com/

Ever wanted to delete your facebook profile and say bye to all your net friends. Sorry but u can't, facebook only allows you to deactivate a profile and never deletes it. Its like luring the users to eventually come back.
I wanted to delete my Facebook Profile but ended up finding that I can only deactivate that. On further research i found that if you deactivate your profile for more than 2 weeks it gets permanently deleted. But that's not what it turned out. As i de-activated my facebook profile for over 3 weeks and when i logged back in it was like before as if I was never gone.
I am still searching for ways to delete your facebook profile.

I just hate the fact that my data is saved comewhere in facebook's database even when i am not at facebook. The only way I found out was to yourself delete all your profile data including all your info, photos and comments one by one and then deactivating.

Please suggest any other option if you come through one.


We found the procedure to delete a facebook profile at wikihow. i have not tested it yet so it might not be authentic. But still try that if you want to delete your facebook profile.